Poggio's Coffee Shop 2002 Denver, CO.
Community/ Childrens  Murals
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The Pavilions mall
Denver, Co.
A Tony Ortega piece that we painted
at 30' x 60'
A Vance Kirkland mural for the Denver
Art Museum
I helped
Chris Krieg paint that one.
15th and Market
Tennyson Hardware
Cesar Chavez park, North Denver.  
There's always one
wall that could just use
something. Murals for
home or business.
Restoration of
damaged work and
complete repaints and
paint over

Murals are
$10 a square foot & up.

Additional charges and
fees may apply, but
that can give you a
good starting point to
figure out how much a
certain size piece
would be.

email for further info
Mural restoration at Manual High
School. Denver,  Co.
I enjoy helping a client bring to life their vision.
Working out what it is will be painted can be one of
the best parts of the process. The vision that leads
to a sketch, that finishes with exactly what you had in
mind. There are opportunities for murals all over your
everyday environment. From community art projects
that help to build up neighborhoods in positive ways,
to a mural that defines a space and receives
positive reactions from your friends and family.
Mural for a jazz club.                           The Key Club
Check out the finished product of this layout,
just click on the photo.
Parry's Pizza in Northglenn, Colorado.

This is a word search hand painted in a two
story stairwell. The names of the owners
children are included to search for.
Murals and Wall treatments
Murals and Wall treatments
New Mural!